Top 50 Songs of 2016: 25-1

The final 25 (and top) favourite songs of 2016. I’ve obsessively listened to these tracks over and over and over. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 

25. Suuns – Translate

For Suuns, this is pretty upbeat, but it still has their usual menacing feel in it – which in a way makes it sound that much more twisted.

24. Venom Prison – Devoid

Evil, fast and heavy death metal. What’s not to like?

23. Danny Brown – White Lines

I just love how extra whacky Danny Brown sounds on this one, plus his childlike delivery on the subject.

22. Love Sex Machine – Aujeszky

The track that most reminded me of their debut sound, so it’s instantly my favourite on “Asexual Anger”. There’s a slight Alan Dubin vibe with the vocals too.

21. Palehorse – Half Lizard / Half Lizard


20. Weezer – L.A. Girlz


19. Raime – Front Running

Although a lot of tracks on “Tooth” did sound very similar (mostly with the simplistic bending-the-string guitar), this one just seems to absorb me the most every time.

18. Lorn – Anvil

Another great track with another great video from Lorn.

17. PUP – DVP

This was actually the track and video that got me into PUP, and had me backtracking to their first album, playing it non-stop until “The Dream Is Over” came out. It’s a (fun) hard-hitter.

16. Terra Tenebrosa – Ghost At The End Of The Rope

Terra Tenabrosa making nightmarish metal, as usual. Just another ghost at the end of the rope / Knock, knock, knock / Here I am.

15. Clams Casino – Blast

The album was one of my biggest disappointments of the year, this was the only song I liked and it’s huge!

14. Anderson .Paak – The Season/Carry Me


13. Every Time I Die – Petal

What if meaning never comes? / And I was just someone to fuck? / All of life, beginners luck.

12. ColdWorld – Void

I’m not usually a fan of opera-style female vocals in metal, but in this track, it really works. The main riff gives me the same sort of feeling as Wolves In The Throne Room did on ‘I Will Lay Down My Bones…’.

11. Illum Sphere – Second Sight

The first of two tracks from his EP of the same name, this number being especially pumping electronica.

10. JUTRØ – Travva

I’m still hoping for the witch house revival, this makes it promising.

9. Avalanches – If I Was A Folkstar

It’s so dreamy, I wish you could hear it.

8. Oathbreaker – Immortals

To me, this has a heavy Jucifer feel to it, which isn’t what I’d expect from Oathbreaker at all but they do it so well. There’s also some strong Mono influences from the halfway-point onward. Powerful stuff.

7. Oranssi Pazuzu – Vasemman käden hierarkia

The bass and drums are so ridiculously catchy yet mean and dirty, the main groove is just powerful. I’ve said to a few people that it’s one of those grooves you expect to hear during a monumental scene in a (good) Guy Ritchie film.

6. Childish Gambino – Redbone

Funky, seductive and sassy. I became obsessed with this as soon as I finished listening to it the first time.

5. Crystal Castles – Kept

I know, this is a mash-up/remix of two Beach House songs, but it was one of my favourite tracks on the new album. How can you not want to jump around to this?

4. Death Grips – Spikes

Just furious, I love it. I’m crashing into planes, I crash and stroll / Maxed out my oath / Don’t blame me, I have no soul.

3. Car Bomb –
Secrets Within

The whole track is savage, but it’s the end that grabs me by my core and rattles it every time. Listen to 3.46 onwards to hear what I mean. That guitar tone sounds charged with electricity.

2. The Body – Two Snakes

What do you get when you mix nightmarish sludge with trap music? THIS. It sounds like the soundtrack to a desolate bus station where a killer stalks and toys with his victims.

1. Samiyam/Earl Sweatshirt – Mirror

I step myself and my horses up / Devil at the front door claiming he want war / Now hedges is burning up / Where we from we ain’t learn to run unless we was in pack formation.

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