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Mountain Mirrors – “ASYLUM ACRES” EP Review

Mountain Mirrors – Asylum Acres
Genre: Acoustic/Progressive Rock

Label: Magnatune

Mountain Mirrors, despite its collective name, is the prog-influenced acoustic project of Jeff Sanders from Massachusetts, and “Asylum Acres” is his EP of 2012; although having already put out three full-length albums already. This project focuses on dark, brooding collections of tales with undeniable guitar finesse and low vocals. Jeff Sanders, its sole concrete member, is the lone vocalist and guitarist of this project, while he invites outside musicians to add some different flavours on his tracks (usually with drums and strings). Continue reading

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If You’re Going To… Damnation Festival 2012

Being an extreme metal fan in the UK, one of the most notable disappointments about it is the lack of British festivals that provide line-ups of bands that push their genres to the extreme. Yeah, we have Bloodstock, but is it really extreme? There’s Supersonic too, but line-ups often require a certain taste (especially in noise, electronic or rock/metal). However, Damnation is a sort of balance between the two, never shying away from putting on extreme bands, bands that won’t sell out a stadium but will definitely have people talking about their performances for years. In a sense, Damnation Festival is the UK’s version of the USA’s Maryland Death Fest and France’s Hellfest, on a smaller scale. Continue reading

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor – “‘ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND!” Review

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
Genre: Post-rock/Ambient

Label: Constellation

For the majority of post-rock fans worldwide, Godspeed is one of the first names that will pop up. This isn’t fact, but it is likely, enough that I would wager my soul on it. Godspeed You! Black Emperor are undoubtedly one of, if not thee, biggest forces in the post-rock genre – known for their instrumental epics, involving a number of orchestral instruments and also for their use of samples and written word. All these things have contributed to pushing Godspeed to the head of the genre, giving them the forward-thinking edge over some of the more conventional bands.  Continue reading

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Trash Talk – “119” Review

Trash Talk – 119
Genre: Hardcore Punk/Hardcore

Label: Odd Future Records/Trash Talk Collective

Do Trash Talk really need an introduction at this stage? If you haven’t heard their music, you might have heard about their riotous (literally at times) gigs, and if you haven’t heard about those either then you’re bound to have just heard their name through a friend or other bands talking about them. You’d literally have to be a musical hermit to have passed their name without a blink. If you are this hermit, then let me give you a “Trash Talk 101”.  Continue reading

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False Flag Attack – “INTO THE SHELTER!” EP Review

False Flag Attack – Into The Shelter!
Genre: Grindcore

Label: Torn Flesh Records

Germany, in the metal world, is known for Rammstein and Die Toten Hosen. Perhaps for grindcore fans Germany incites thoughts of goregrind delinquents GUT. But now there may just be another addition for the underground grind fans: False Flag Attack. If you’re hoping for a light-hearted listen, then turn away now, but if you want some serious and furious attitude, then read on.  Continue reading

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Introducing… #2

Here’s a minute list of new personal discoveries over August/September/October… yeah, not that adventurous lately, I know.


An emotive hardcore band from California, Loma Prieta have been pushing their harsh sound since 2005, yet only recently receiving a decent amount of attention and appraisal since releasing their fourth album “I.V.” and touring with the likes of Converge. While they may not suit to everyone’s taste, there’s something undeniably great about their musicianship and ability to create some downright melodic yet destructive songs.

While at this time the likes of Touché Amoré, La Dispute and Pianos Become The Teeth fly the flag for emotive hardcore, Loma Prieta steer nearer to the grittier and noisier side, closer to Pg.99 or tech metallists Curl Up And Die. If that’s your thing, then this band is definitely worth checking.

Listen to: Fly By Night, Uniform, Lost Bridge.


A name like that might make you think of some sort of “br00t4l” metal band, but no, The Gaslamp Killer is in fact William Benjamin Bensussen, a hip-hop producer and DJ. I only stumbled on him through reviews of his debut “Breakthrough”, which was released earlier this year, and my curiosity was definitely rewarded – “Breakthrough” features some left-field hip-hop and electronica tracks (mostly instrumental, some tracks featuring Gonjasufi, another figure known for his unusual soothing style) with some clear inspirations from outside the genre.

One of Bensussen’s influences is DJ Shadow, and if you find yourself yearning for an “Endtroducing…” for 2012, then this may be the nearest you’ll get to it. If that doesn’t convince you, he’s also on Flying Lotus’s label Brainfeeder.

Listen to: Dead Vets, Peasants, Cripples & Retards, Apparitions.

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An Update On General Things (17/10/12)

October has been a crazy month for releases, huh? I’m literally overwhelmed at the moment by so many releases from a lot of bands that I hold in high regard within days or weeks of each other. I just finished the Pig Destroyer “Book Burner” review (here), and at the moment, I intend to cover Trash Talk‘s “119” and Godspeed You! Black Emperor‘s “‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!”. I’m also hoping to review the Devilman (not the grime artist) debut when it gets released… really looking forward to what else those guys have done besides the tracks they’ve put up on the net, as well as Neurosis‘s “Honor Found In Decay”.

I’ve also had requests for album reviews, and hopefully a submission soon. I’m not getting enough of them (despite this timing of releases)!

Anyway, another problem on top of all the sudden releases is that I have gigs to go to in the next few weeks which means I’m taking on as many shifts as I can at work, the travelling and possible hotel costs are going to make my bank account cry. I’m going to Damnation Festival on the 3rd November, which is being held in Leeds, and the fact that I’m going to see Pig Destroyer in the flesh almost turns me into hysterics just thinking about it. Then on the 5th November, I’m hoping to see Death Grips in Bristol, depending if anyone is going and I can stay at a friend’s place. Then, I have the Neurosis and Godflesh ATP event in London on 2nd December. I will definitely be reviewing these too.

So yeah, I’m gonna be busy on working to save money for expenses. I’ll try to write as much as I can during the free time I have, but sorry in advance if posts are few over the next couple weeks.

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Pig Destroyer – “BOOK BURNER” Review

Pig Destroyer – Book Burner
Genre: Grindcore

Label: Relapse Records

Five years. Five long years. Five long years waiting for a new Pig Destroyer album, the time has passed slowly, almost painfully, spent wondering just when Scott Hull will bring the guys back together, give noisegrinders Agoraphobic Nosebleed a rest and concentrate on one of his more serious projects. It’s October in 2012, the boys are back.  Continue reading

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Humana – Views
Genre: Post-hardcore/Alt Rock

Label: LaSomba Records

Humana, a four-piece band hailing from Chile, who play somewhat a medley of post-hardcore, alt rock and pop-punk, and “Views” is their 2008 full-length album, the second out of the three they have released so far.  Continue reading

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Decapitated Live Review (Bogiez, Cardiff. 10/10/12)

Decapitated, a band known for their truly brutal technical death metal, started their UK and Ireland tour last night at the Bogiez bar, with support from Bloodshot Dawn and Xerath – and what a gig it was! Continue reading

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