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Rich Reviewz is taking a break (cont.)

Late last year I posted that I was taking a break. Despite posting that, I never felt like I was because I did end up doing a few reviews of albums and gigs: I felt bad not doing anything because – even though it’s not the thing that pushes me to do reviews – it was a bit sad seeing views twindle and I just felt lazy, especially in comparison to other reviewers I know, who put out daily reviews and posts.

The truth is is that things are personally even worse than when I first announced that break back in October 2013. I don’t want to talk too much about my personal life here, but I have to be honest and admit that I have zero enthusiasm or energy for this blog right now, which hurts to say because since starting this I have had some amazing opportunities given to me and built friendships that would never have existed if not for this. When things reach a point where it’s a struggle to feed yourself and find any motivation to get through the day, I guess that’s when you need to make decisions.

So this time, I’m taking a more permanent break, I won’t be posting anything at all until I feel like I can actually return with a steady flow of content. As said before, I want to do things properly and I have no idea how long it will take because it depends on a lot of things, but I will be back, that I can promise.

At this point, I really wouldn’t bother emailing me with any requests or submissions – until two days ago, I hadn’t checked my email for over three months because the thought of it would give me anxiety. I’m sorry, I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

However, if you’re looking for review blogs or channels to get your latest fixes underground and mainstream music, then check these out. I either highly recommend them or read/watch them myself:

Echoes And Dust

Echoes And Dust is a review site I joined about two months ago but have only done one review for (I was meant to do more, but like above, I just can’t bring myself to get round to those reviews). They have their finger on the pulses of both underground and mainstream music; mostly covering the rock, metal, punk and post-rock veins and are partial to some pop and electronic too. They have a great and ever-growing team of talented writers.


Sam tends to focus on the more indie, hip-hop, rock and pop side of things – reviewing stuff from St. Vincent and Chelsea Wolfe to Iggy Azelea to La Dispute and Converge. The guy is always more than happy to discuss things too (which I’ve done a fair bit on his blog) and provides a lot of content outside of reviews.

Dead End Hip Hop

The name is self-explanatory: hip-hop. The quintet (Modest Media is forgotten so many times) are a group of passionate and knowledgeable hip-hop heads who review, interview and discuss news/concerns on youtube. I couldn’t recommend these enough and just like what happened with The Needle Drop, there are myriads of channels trying to do what they do but never achieving the natural vibe that these guys have.

Myke C-Town (of Dead End Hip Hop)

Myke is a member of DEHH but it’s well known that his interests in music lie in stuff outside of hip-hop too; especially with metal. On his own channel, he reviews live shows (again, mostly metal-related) and album releases, as well as hosting Q&As, and has a great series on his record collection.

Undertone Online

As far as my understanding goes for the website is that it did start off as a zine/magazine but transferred fully into its current online medium some time ago. The site covers almost everything in the pop, rock, metal and hip-hop spectrums. One thing I really like about it is that it’s pretty open to everything: you’ll get a review of new releases from Bong and Thou and then get a live review of McBusted. There’s also some good discussion posts that are pretty daring.

The Needle Drop

I mean, if you’ve never heard of this guy then I don’t know what to say. The internet’s busiest music nerd covers almost everything (hip-hop, punk, pop, jazz, grindcore, doom metal, indie, ambient, folk, country, etc.)

The Sludgelord

A cool blog/website passionately dedicated to sludge and doom, but also covering some black/death metal and grind. They have a ton of reviews and interviews for you to look through. Also cool to talk to on Twitter.

Black Metal & Brews

Again, the name sort of gives it away. Ben mostly reviews black metal and beers/ales, but he also has his fingers in the pies of ambient/drone and noise music, and so by that he is someone who focuses on the truly underground of underground music.

My TEMPLES FESTIVAL 2014 Experience

This is the second (and final) attempt at reviewing the weekend because the original draft reached 1,250 words by the time I covered Electric Wizard – the headliner of the first night – and I know no-one loves music enough to read an essay. So here’s my run at a brief cover of the weekend, to make it less painful for you and me.  Continue reading

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