Top 50 Songs of 2016: 50-26

So, it starts with my top fifty songs of 2016, the reason I brought it back this year is because there were so many songs that I obsessed over that were released as singles or on EPs/albums that didn’t make it in my top albums list. Dig in!

50. Nine Inch Nails – Burning Bright (Field on Fire)

The “Not The Actual Events” EP was only released on the 23rd December, but this has me excited for future plans. This sounds like it could have easily come out sometime between “With_Teeth” and “Year Zero”.

49. Grouper – Headache

Another EP released on the 23rd, Grouper has changed her direction as well from “Ruins” (which was one of my favourite albums of 2014), going back to “A I A: Alien Observer”. Luscious.

48. Death Index – Dream Machine

This is sort of what I imagine Joy Division would  have been if they were gothic and more punk. Great track.

47. Haast’s Eagled – The Uncle

This track goes through so many different style changes that I forget what happens by the end of the track. Which is a good thing; you can’t get bored of that.

46. Swans – Cloud of Forgetting

Swans have proved themselves of being able to make huge soundscapes and heavy atmospheres over their last few albums, but this track stands out especially.

45. Sex Prisoner – Half Smile

Do you like powerviolence? Look no further: this is for you.

44. Worriedaboutsatan – The Violent Sequence

Another piece of evidence of the duo’s ability to create smooth, subdued yet trancy anthems.

43. A Tribe Called Quest – We The People…

The lyrics on this thing… ATCQ came charging out the gate with this single.

42. Départe – Vessel

I like my blackened death metal to be nasty. This meets the quota fine enough.

41. Moore Mother – Tell Me About It

Drunk as fuck with a loaded AK / Everything ain’t okay.

40. Brian Eno – Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set Free

A touching and stunning tribute to Eno’s friend and long-time collaborator Lou Reed. Beautiful.

39. Muscle and Marrow – Black Hole

A bit of a change in sound for Muscle and Marrow with their 2016 material – incorporating more electronics – but this track still keeps their signature vibe.

38. Oozing Wound – Diver

Thrashy riffs to chug beer and punch yourself in the face to.

37. Boss Keloid – Lung Mountain

You can’t deny that Boss Keloid know how to make titanic riffs and memorable grooves.

36. Dead Congregation – Redemptive Immolation

This 9-minute monster has everything I love about the band: horrible vocals; filthy tones and menacing riffs that intertwine with alternating fast/mid-pace/slow drums.

35. Ulcerate – Extinguished Light

I mean, it’s standard Ulcerate, ain’t it? Always great!

34. Illum Sphere – Paradise

One of the more ambient tracks from “Glass” and a perfect closer. Incredibly heavy in mood and atmosphere.

33. Car Bomb – Sets

At first, I wasn’t sure about Frank Mullen’s contribution in the second-half, but now I get excited every time I know he’s about to step in. Brutal.

32. Bruxa Maria – New Dawn Dawning

Palehorse splitting up fucking sucked, but at least Ben Dawson drums for Bruxa Maria now. This track is the most thoroughly infectious one on the album, a nice breather from the carnage the album lashes out.

31. Blanck Mass – D7-D5

This was a lone track that Blanck Mass (Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons) released for the Adult Swim Singles 2016 and it’s a noisy BANGER.

30. Urfaust – Meditatum IV

This has that absolute classic Urfaust sound with the waning electronics, slow drums, piercing wails and the wall of guitar.

29. Deftones – Rubicon

The chorus is what makes this track, the biggest and catchiest moment on the whole album.

28. OVO – Freakout

If the roll of drums at 2.15 going into that nasty jamming groove doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

27. Radiohead – Ful Stop

I love the kraut rock repetition of the instrumentation and Thom Yorke’s seething delivery for most of the track. It’s like hearing someone’s emotions as music before they snap.

26. Martyrdöd – List

If you know Martyrdöd, then you know what to expect: fast and furious crust being catchy as fuck. This is a great example for ’em.

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