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SUGGESTIONS WANTED: End of the year lists.

November is coming to a close and it’ll be that time again when music maniacs everywhere will start thinking of lists to sum up their opinions in music. I’ll be doing the very same.

So far, these are the lists I’m thinking of doing:

  • Top 10 (or 20) Albums Of The Year
  • Top 10 (or 20) Songs Of The Year
  • Top 10 Disappointments Of The Year (Songs, albums and news)
  • Top 10 Music Videos Of The Year

Maybe I’ll do a top 10 live performances too, but that’s all I can think of. If anybody has ideas for more, please let me know!

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Teeph – “VIETNAMASTE” Quick Review

Teeph – Vietnamaste
Genre: Noise Rock/Math Rock/Sludge

Label: Unsigned

Teeph are a groove-filled noise rock trio that consists of originators Sesar Sanchez (guitar) and Alex Coffin (drums) as well as later member Matt Shilts (bass). “Vietnamaste” is their second album, following 2009’s self-titled, and takes a more light-hearted approach, although there are still some pretty intense moments to be had. Continue reading

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Deftones – “KOI NO YOKAN” Review

The review is up on Eyesore Merch’s blog, so click here to head on over and have a read. Leave your comments, let us know what you thought of the album and/or the review!

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Crystal Castles – “(III)” Quick Review

Crystal Castles – (III)
Genre: Electronica/Experimental

Label: Polydor Records

Crystal Castles, who probably don’t need an introduction these days, is the experimental electronic duo of producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass, and as the album title suggests, this is their third album in their nine years together. Their first album, self-titled, made a big impact on the indie-electro dance scene on a global scale, with its noisy Nintendo-style synths and Glass’s mixture of soft, effect-laden vocals and frustrated yells – a style that soon became adopted by myriads of male-female electronic duos. Continue reading

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Top 10… Drone bands/artists

Drone (often interlinked with either ambient or doom metal) is exactly what it says on the tin: heavily reverbed/echoed  sustained sounds by chosen instruments/vocals going through a ton of effects or loops. The drawn-out and slow tempo nature of the music often means the songs are fairly long in comparison to your pop chart hits – expect at least a 10-minute song average on a lot of drone albums.

The history of its coming dates so far back through history that it’s near impossible to sum up in a handful of paragraphs, but perhaps one of the most famous traditional form of drone music may be that of the Tibetan Buddhist chanting – the influence of which can be easily heard in the likes of Om or Sunn O))).

For this reason, it seems to be something of an acquired taste, most likely to touch on some sort of emotion with people who are considerably patient and open to what can be classed as “music”, but probably something that would drive your average Skrillex or Lady Gaga fan to despair.

That said, I’m a big fan and find it really relaxing to listen to, so here is a list of my personal favourites in drone (doom or ambient): Continue reading

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Introducing… #3

Some of my favourite discoveries over the past month!


Ghost Puncher is a mysterious electronic producer who resides in New York. What sets him apart? Well, he mixes influences from witch house, trap, glitch and ambient music into his electronic base which results in some weird yet ridiculously addictive tracks. If that’s not enough, my introduction to him was through the official music video made by slave clothes for Cat Puke, which you have to see:

Get what I mean by weird yet addictive? The great thing about Ghost Puncher is that he experiments and clearly has no interest in staying with a single sound or formula. You can check out his music and download the majority of it for free via his soundcloud.

Listen to: Cat Puke, Sure Regress Version 2, Bosch.


Even though the review of their debut album gives it away, it’s been playing non-stop in the car and on the laptop. Devilman is a project featuring three guys who have been in their own circuits for a fair while, and together they create the most refreshingly noisy and unstable dub music around right now. Again, my discovery was through another gripping music video for Bakan Q.

These guys show a lot of promise and it’s going to be interesting to see where they’ll take their sound on the next release, which cannot come soon enough.

Listen to: Bakan Q, 93, Nirvana Dub.

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Devilman – “DEVILMAN” Quick Review

Devilman – Devilman
Genre: Electronica/Dub

Label: Small But Hard Recordings

Devilman are Shigeru Ishihara (credited on the album cover for “sub-demonics” AKA bass), Gorgonn Amanita (“thunder electronics” or electronics) and Taigen Kawabe (simply “shrieks”) and they pound an aggressive and tortured sound into electronica with a big dub influence. Continue reading

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An Update On General Things (11/11/12)

It feels like forever since I did the last review (Dragged Into Sunlight‘s Widowmaker) but it’s only been a few days… I am working on more reviews at the moment, but as you might have guessed already, I’m now writing for other sites as well as this personal review blog. Some of my stuff has been posted on Eyesore Merch’s blog; I met Alex and Alastair at Damnation fest and it was awesome to meet those guys, really cool people who put a lot of effort into putting out solid official merch. So yeah, I’m writing some stuff for those guys – so expect at LEAST a review of Deftones Koi No Yokan to appear on their page soon, as well as the new Coheed and Soundgarden albums, so keep a lookout (I’ll link anyway).

I’m also doing stuff for MetalRecusants, which is great as well. My first piece just appeared moments ago and you can read it here! I’ll figure out a way to update people on those posts without spamming too much, there should be another one on the way very soon, just need to finish it.

Needless to say, I’m really excited and reimbursed with even more energy and enthusiasm than I had before. I’m glad to be allowed to write for both of these sites/groups – they’re both great and definitely people I support.

That said, I will continue to do my own reviews as well. At this moment in time, I should be doing Devilman‘s debut Devilman (the electronic dub band, not the grime rapper) and Crystal Castles III. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

I realised I haven’t done a “Relapse Slasher Deal” review in a while either, sorry about that, seeing as I’ve got a fair bit on my plate and in all honesty, I’m struggling with the majority of the albums I got in that deal (two are career-spanning compilations), there may not be one for a while yet – they will all be done eventually though, I think there’s nine more to go.

Life stuff is great.

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My “Damnation Festival 2012″ Experience

Sorry to disappoint, but you won’t find the review of Damnation 2012 here… but you will find it over on Eyesore Merch‘s far nicer blog by simply clicking HERE. Have a look, comment your thoughts/highlights and share it!

Anyway, it was my first Damnation Festival and was a great experience, I can definitely see myself going again.

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Dragged Into Sunlight – “WIDOWMAKER” Review

Dragged Into Sunlight – “Widowmaker”
Genre: Doom Metal/Experimental Drone

Label: Prosthetic Records

Last year in the metal underground, one band managed to capture the attention of all lovers of the extreme with a re-release of their debut “Hatred For Mankind”, and that band was Dragged Into Sunlight. The obscure bunch from Liverpool refer to each member by single letters (T (vocals), A (guitars), C (bass) and J (drums)), play with their backs to the crowd at gigs and always wear ski masks for promo shoots; and while this might raise a few weary eyebrows over the ‘kvlt’ behaviour, DIS certainly have the musical ‘balls’ to back it. Continue reading

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