Top 30 Albums of 2016: 30-16

Here’s what just missed out on being in the final list:

Nails -You Will Never Be One Of Us [Grindcore] / Mr. Yote – The Terrible Tales Of Scurvy Jones [Experimental Hip-Hop] / OvO – Creatura [Noise Rock/Sludge/ Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom [Death/Doom Metal/ Oozing Wound – Whatever Forever [Thrash Metal/Sludge] / Départe – Failure, Subside [Death/Black Metal] / Trap Them – Crown Feral [Hardcore/Crust] / The Gaslamp Killer – Instrumentalepathy [Electronica] / ColdWorld – Autumn [Atmospheric Black Metal] / Perturbator – The Uncanny Valley [Electronica]

The top 30…

30. Haast’s Eagled – II: For Mankind


While Haast’s self-titled was a really solid debut to come out with, it’s their further experimentation within songs themselves that really grabbed me with this one. Constantly switching up different sounds and moods between each passage it goes through “II: For Mankind” gives hope of a band that dares to be different in the stagnating doom genre.

This is the first of two albums that drummer Joe appears on, so check out the 15-1 part when you can…

You can read my review of it here.

Favourite tracks: The Uncle, Pyaaz Bhonghi, White Dwarf.

29. Oranssi Pazuzu – Värähtelijä


A similar tale with this one although this was my introduction to the band. What I mean is that these pushed the boundaries of black metal in this album into many different directions, usually with a proggy attack – but don’t let that word trick you into thinking this is watered down stuff; it’s still dark and nasty with that facet.

Favourite tracks: Vasemman käden hierarkiaHypnotisoitu viharukous, Saturaatio.

28. Weezer – White Album


WEEZER DID IT! THEY CAME BACK WITH A GOOD ALBUM AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! This just brought back everything you want from the band: riffs with a little attitude (but still catchy), Cuomo’s witty lyrics and bipolar delivery and pounding drums/bass. There’s so many anthems on this.

Favourite tracks: L.A. Girlz, California Kids, King Of The World.

27. Deftones – Gore


I’ll drop that hard truth first with “Gore”: it was one of my biggest disappointments of 2016. That said, despite hating it on the first few listens, it really grew on me and the ethereal vibe of the album is easy to lose yourself in.

Turns out even a disappointing Deftones album is still good.

Favourite tracks: Rubicon, Prayers / Triangles, Phantom Bride.

26. Moore Mother – Fetish Bones


Looking for something comforting, soft, warm? This album isn’t for you. Actually, it screams ‘FUCK OFF’ at the idea. Moore Mother hits you with such harsh and warped noise hip-hop that it knocks you off your balance without a flinch. The sound of social and political frustration in this moment of eternity.

Favourite tracks: Tell Me About It, By The Light, Parallel Nightmares.

25. Boss Keloid – Herb Your Enthusiasm


There’s not much more to say than the sophomore album by the Keloid featured tightened screws from their debut and even more spacey, bonged-out riffs. It seems like while “The Calming Influence of Teeth” had its great moments, the guys have pushed their own abilities to something even better with this.

You can read my review of it here.

Favourite tracks: Lung Mountain, Haarlem Struggle, Hot Priest.

24. A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service


A Tribe Called Quest drop their first album in 18-years and after the devastating loss of Phife Dawg… and it absolutely killed! Clever lyricism and wordplay, shape-shifting instrumentals and a long list of great guest contributors, it’s probably safe to say that this defied everyone’s doubts considering the gap in time. A perfect way for Tribe to end on.

Favourite tracks: We The People…, Movin Backwards, Kids….

23. Muscle and Marrow – Love


Their debut album “The Human Cry” championed my 2014 end of year list and it’s good to know they came out with a new album that made it into another. Granter, it’s lower down on my list, but that doesn’t mean it’s flawed at all. The duo make a shift towards introducing more electronic sounds to their approach in doom, which only gives it a different atmosphere from their debut. It’s just all about preference – this is another great release.

Favourite tracks: Black Hole, The Drooling Mouth, Bereft Body.

22. Bruxa Maria – Human Condition


This one caught me by surprise, I’m not sure how to even describe it. The best I can do is to say it’s an utter mash-up of noise-rock, sludge, punk, metal and noise. You just need to listen to it, a refreshing sound not just to the UK’s underground circuit, but worldwide too.

The same as Joe in Haast’s Eagled, this is the first of two albums in this list that drummer Ben Dawson plays on.

Favourite tracks: New Dawn Dawning, Regretamin, Bredder My Bredders.

21. Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis


Like the Deftones release, this was a slight disappointment following the perfection of “Vermis”, but again, a really great album. “Vermis” felt like every single detail was thought out and revised, articulated beyond believe; whereas “Shrines of Paralysis” feels like it throws caution to the wind, slightly losing that sense of controlled savagery. Still though, this has everything I want from brutal technical death metal.

Favourite tracks: Extinguished Light, There Are No Saviours, Yield To Naught.

20. Anderson .Paak – Malibu


Anderson .Paak’s performance of Silicon Valley and The Season/Carry Me on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ blew me away and I scrambled to listen to this album straight after… needless to say, it was a consistent level of brilliance throughout. He smoothly blends between hip-hop, funk, soul and pop with such fluidity that the whole album flies by without any questionable moments at all. That is an extremely hard thing to pull off.

Favourite tracks: The Season/Carry Me, Put Me Thru, Lite Weight.

19. Raime – Tooth


My favourite electronica is the dark kind and Raime catered to that mood with “Tooth”. It’s minimal and almost static crawl sinks its teeth so deep that you can’t just listen to it the once and move on, you feel the need to repeat. It’s a pleasurable itch.

Favourite tracks: Front Running, Dead Heat, Hold Your Line.

18. Martyrdöd – List


I love Martyrdöd, I really do, but I struggled listening to their previous albums in their entirety as they’d always start off extremely strong in the first-half and taper off after that… until now. “List” is personally their most consistent album yet and fuels you adrenaline throughout its aggressive yet infectious take on crust.

Favourite tracks: List, Oemotståndlig, Harmagedon.

17. Crystal Castles – Amnesty (I)


One of my most anticipated albums of the year and the four years since “III” had felt twice as long. Sadly, Alice Glass left in 2014 after tensions with Ethan Kath, but despite the controversy, I personally felt Edith Frances fills the role well and pulled through on this release. While slight negatives such as the album’s short length and a few ‘interlude’ tracks, the main chunk of it is a roller coaster of emotions.

Favourite tracks: Kept, Char, Fleece, Enth.

16. Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition


I didn’t expect much from Danny Brown at all coming up to this because – in all honesty – I hated “Old” (and I still do, a lot). However, “The Atrocity Exhibition” takes what we all loved about “XXX” and the sound of “Old” but refines it a whole lot better. Experimental, bipolar, disjointed and memorable.

Favourite tracks: White Lines, Really Doe, Pneumonia.

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