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Pig Destroyer – “MASS & VOLUME” EP Review

Pig Destroyer - Mass & VolumePig Destroyer – Mass & Volume
Genre: Doom Metal/Sludge

Label: Relapse Records

Pig Destroyer is a band known for its love of extremes and for most people it’s their grindcore material that first comes to mind – but it’s no secret that Pig Destroyer has dabbled in its fair share of doom and drone in the past. Continue reading

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Blockheads – “THIS WORLD IS DEAD” Quick Review

Blockheads - This World Is DeadBlockheads – This World Is Dead
Genre: Grindcore

Label: Relapse Records

Blockheads is a grindcore band hailing from France that have been punishing ears since 1992, going through more than ‘a few’ line-up changes, yet never letting them hinder their climb up record labels and festivals. Right now, the band consists of Xavier (vocals), Fred (guitar, vocals), Erik (bass, vocals) and Nico (drums, vocals) and the guys are clearly influenced by the likes of Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Phobia. Continue reading

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Pig Destroyer – “BOOK BURNER” Review

Pig Destroyer – Book Burner
Genre: Grindcore

Label: Relapse Records

Five years. Five long years. Five long years waiting for a new Pig Destroyer album, the time has passed slowly, almost painfully, spent wondering just when Scott Hull will bring the guys back together, give noisegrinders Agoraphobic Nosebleed a rest and concentrate on one of his more serious projects. It’s October in 2012, the boys are back.  Continue reading

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Humana – Views
Genre: Post-hardcore/Alt Rock

Label: LaSomba Records

Humana, a four-piece band hailing from Chile, who play somewhat a medley of post-hardcore, alt rock and pop-punk, and “Views” is their 2008 full-length album, the second out of the three they have released so far.  Continue reading

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Car Bomb – “w^w^^w^w” Quick Review

Car Bomb – w^w^^w^w
Genre: Tech Metal/Experimental

Label: Relapse Records

Car Bomb, a name no band should even think about coining unless their music is going to be as lethal as one, and needless to say, these guys make sure that happens. Car Bomb is a chaotic-yet-controlled four-piece tech metal band from New York, who laid the gauntlet down for metal that fuses jazz influences into the time structures of their songs with their first album “Centralia” back in 2007. Despite the lack of releases, Car Bomb have somehow managed to maintain an almost intimidating popularity amongst extreme metal fans. So when Car Bomb releases their second album, five years after their debut, it’s a big deal. Continue reading

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Cirrhosis – Drinks From Hell
Genre: Death Metal

Label: Cogumelo Records

If you search for Cirrhosis on the internet, you’ll learn that it is a medical condition described as ‘scarring of the liver and poor liver function. It is the final phase of chronic liver disease’. You’ll also find out that that one of the most common causes of this affliction is long-term alcohol abuse, and so it’s not hard to spot the band Cirrhosis’s running theme with the album cover, title and lyrics: ALCOHOL, DECAY AND DEATH. Continue reading

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So, I actually got the 10 CD Slasher Bundle from Relapse Records!

Expect a review of each every week as a seperate segment of its own. It’s going to be interesting because I’m not familiar with a single one of these artists, here they are:

Taken – This Is Forever
Cult Fiction – Spitfire
Infested – 1000 Doors
Kult Ofenzivy – Radikální Ateismus – Tvůrcům Nadčlověka
Impurity – The Lamb’s Fury
Humana – Views
Cirrhosis – Drinks From Hell
Cryptic Tales – Anathema
Corey – Sacroniente
Morta Skuld – Through The Eyes Of Death
Exit-13 – High Life!

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A New Idea?

So, if anyone else follows Relapse Records (one of my favourite labels in extreme metal) then you’ll know that Relapse have a great deal going on at this moment in time, two “slasher” bundles that consist of: 1) 10 random-picked CDs for $20; or 2) 30 random-picked CDs for $30. A great deal, right? Unfortunately I could only afford the 10 CD deal due to the considerate price of postage and package of the 30 CD bundle, but this gave me an idea…

If the albums I receive are ones I don’t already own, would people want me to review them? Or include the ones I already own? This could also be the start of a new series of reviews where I review old albums, from peoples requests or by my own choice. It doesn’t mean classics either, they could be albums that had a fair amount of praise or even overlooked.

Are these things people would be interested in? Let me know somehow, I’m pretty keen to do it.

EDIT: Due to unfortunate circumstances, I won’t be reviewing the 10 random CDs because I won’t be getting them – turns out I didn’t have enough funds (although I was sure I had enough money) and the bundles aren’t available anymore. Sad face. So yeah, just feel free to suggest old albums to review!

EDIT: I got them, I will be going with the idea. Sorry!

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