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Mountain Mirrors – “ASYLUM ACRES” EP Review

Mountain Mirrors – Asylum Acres
Genre: Acoustic/Progressive Rock

Label: Magnatune

Mountain Mirrors, despite its collective name, is the prog-influenced acoustic project of Jeff Sanders from¬†Massachusetts, and “Asylum Acres” is his EP of 2012; although having already put out three full-length albums already. This project focuses on dark, brooding collections of tales with undeniable guitar finesse and low vocals. Jeff Sanders, its sole concrete member, is the lone vocalist and guitarist of this project, while he invites outside musicians to add some different flavours on his tracks (usually with drums and strings). Continue reading

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Cirrhosis – Drinks From Hell
Genre: Death Metal

Label: Cogumelo Records

If you search for Cirrhosis on the internet, you’ll learn that it is a medical condition described as ‘scarring of the liver and poor liver function. It is the final phase of chronic liver disease’. You’ll also find out that that one of the most common causes of this affliction is long-term alcohol abuse, and so it’s not hard to spot the band Cirrhosis’s running theme with the album cover, title and lyrics: ALCOHOL, DECAY AND DEATH. Continue reading

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