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My “READING FESTIVAL 2012” Experience

To start off, this was my first time at Reading Festival and probably a festival I personally didn’t think I’d ever be going to. That said, I was swayed by the line-up early this year and snatched a ticket as soon as I saw the line-up on the Mainstage and the Lock-Up stage. So, without further ado, this is my review of who I managed to see at the festival… Continue reading

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If you’re over the age of twelve and live in  the UK, the words “Reading and Leeds Festival” are probably as natural to your brain as ‘food’ or ‘water’. One of the biggest festivals in the UK, alongside Glastonbury and the Isle Of Wight Festival, Reading and Leeds showcases some of the biggest names in rock, indie, pop, electronic and, occasionally, metal and punk acts across seven stages. While it is technically two festivals in two different locations, the line-up is the same for both, exchanging bands and artists on different days – If an artist plays at Reading on the Friday, they will be at Leeds on one of the following days. So this year, the weekend of music starts on the 24th ’til the 26th, although if you want you can travel up on the Wednesday or Thursday (22nd/23rd) if you want a chance of getting a good camping spot and an extra night or two of partying. Continue reading

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I’m not sure whether or not to do short book reviews…

I do like reading, and sometimes I feel so breathless and lost after finishing a great book that I’m not sure what I should do afterwards, or how to think or feel. I’m feeling exactly this way right now at 3.33am on a Friday morning after just finishing Stephen King’s Carrie.

My knowledge in literature isn’t as extensive as it is with music though, admittedly. I’ve probably half-read or skimmed a lot more books than I’ve paid a 100% attention to – although books I will probably read from now on are the types I enjoy, not the ones I have to study or analyse while keeping post-modern or feminist issues in mind.

I’ll have to think about it, but I feel like I could easily do a short review or summary of what I think when I finish a book. I’m not sure if people would be interested in that? Let me know somehow.

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