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Introducing… #3

Some of my favourite discoveries over the past month!


Ghost Puncher is a mysterious electronic producer who resides in New York. What sets him apart? Well, he mixes influences from witch house, trap, glitch and ambient music into his electronic base which results in some weird yet ridiculously addictive tracks. If that’s not enough, my introduction to him was through the official music video made by¬†slave clothes for Cat Puke, which you have to see:

Get what I mean by weird yet addictive? The great thing about Ghost Puncher is that he experiments and clearly has no interest in staying with a single sound or formula. You can check out his music and download the majority of it for free via his soundcloud.

Listen to: Cat Puke, Sure Regress Version 2, Bosch.


Even though the review of their debut album gives it away, it’s been playing non-stop in the car and on the laptop. Devilman is a project featuring three guys who have been in their own circuits for a fair while, and together they create the most refreshingly noisy and unstable dub music around right now. Again, my discovery was through another gripping music video for Bakan Q.

These guys show a lot of promise and it’s going to be interesting to see where they’ll take their sound on the next release, which cannot come soon enough.

Listen to: Bakan Q, 93, Nirvana Dub.

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TWO new Deftones songs appear online!

As a big Deftones fan, I’m excited to say the least. Footage of Deftones’ intimate gig at the Troubadour in California surfaced on Youtube two days ago, and two new songs were played for the first time to an audience: Roller Derby and Rosemary.

My personal opinion? I’m in love with Roller Derby already, and Chino’s shriek at one point gives me goosebumps, while Rosemary sounds so glum and hauntingly atmospheric, but I do like it. It sets a really promising preview of what to expect of the new album.

You can watch both videos here, let me know what you think!

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