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Top 20 Music Videos of 2012

We all love a good music video, right? Sometimes it can make you love or understand a song a little bit more, or it can be a complete bloodfest that you just concentrate on the visuals, or it can be plain funny – either way, these are my top picks for 2012. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Top 10 Disappointments of 2012

Basically, this is a personal list of disappointments, be it that an album wasn’t as good as I’d hoped or a band broke-up or whatever. A negative list, but I’m sure a few of us can agree on a few. Continue reading

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SUGGESTIONS WANTED: End of the year lists.

November is coming to a close and it’ll be that time again when music maniacs everywhere will start thinking of lists to sum up their opinions in music. I’ll be doing the very same.

So far, these are the lists I’m thinking of doing:

  • Top 10 (or 20) Albums Of The Year
  • Top 10 (or 20) Songs Of The Year
  • Top 10 Disappointments Of The Year (Songs, albums and news)
  • Top 10 Music Videos Of The Year

Maybe I’ll do a top 10 live performances too, but that’s all I can think of. If anybody has ideas for more, please let me know!

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Top 10… Post-rock Songs.

Well, here’s my first “Top #” list, and I thought I’d start easy with a sub-genre of music that tends to be soft and tranquil… ‘tend’ being a word used out of lack of others. For those unaware, post-rock in general is a type of music that is composed by the usual ‘rock band’ setup – guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, etc. and for the most part instrumental.

The defining part of this label is that bands under it tend to concentrate on composition; rather than being ‘in your face’ or suffocatingly attention-seeking. Instead, post-rock bands are basically rock bands acting as orchestras, trying to incite different emotions without a vocal influence or pop repetition; and playing on sensations.

As I highlighted earlier, ‘tend’ is an vague word. While post-rock does ‘tend’ to comprise of bands going for soft-loud approaches to their music, obvious examples being ¬†Explosions In The Sky or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, other bands tend to go for a more bold approach, embracing distortion or jam-like dynamics, examples of these would be And So I Watch You From Afar or Pelican.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. These are my personal top ten favourite post-rock tracks:

Continue reading

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