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Melvins – “Freak Puke” Review

Melvins – Freak Puke
Genre – Sludge/Experimental Rock

Label: Ipecac Recordings

Melvins, as you should probably know already if you’re inclined to rock music, are one of the most iconic bands in experimental rock of the past 29 years, delving in areas of metal, grunge, sludge, doom and even drone – while doing covers of KISS and Dies Isrea, the infamous theme for The Shining. From putting out albums made of songs that rarely step over the 2-minute mark (“Ozma”) to a lengthy drone-doom 6-song album (“Lysol”), Melvins are not about the ordinary and predictable, and continue to defy what even their own fans might expect. “Freak Puke” is their eighteenth album and their second release of 2012. Continue reading

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