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Baroness Bus Crash.

It’s a shocking experience to hear that a band you hold in high regard get caught in an ordeal that could be fatal for anyone involved. When I woke up and heard about a bus crash with a band earlier, later finding out it was Baroness, I was stunned.

So far, it seems that everyone involved is ok and only two people are seriously injured, regardless my thoughts and wishes go out to everyone who was on the bus. Let’s hope there’s no tragedy to come of this.


Baroness – “Yellow & Green” Review

Baroness – Yellow & Green
Genre РProgressive Rock/Sludge

Label: Relapse

“Yellow & Green” is the third album by riff titans Baroness, the long awaited release since 2009’s sludge-conquering¬†“Blue Record”, which brought a lot of attention to the band. Headed by guitarist and vocalist John Dyer Baizley, who is known for his art (for other bands as well as Baroness), the band has been known up to this point as a band that changes unashamedly, and “Yellow & Green” is no different. Continue reading

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