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Top 50 Songs of 2016: 50-26

So, it starts with my top fifty songs of 2016, the reason I brought it back this year is because there were so many songs that I obsessed over that were released as singles or on EPs/albums that didn’t make it in my top albums list. Dig in! Continue reading

Top 30 Albums of 2014: 30-16

Here’s the first half of the top 30 albums of 2014! While this year didn’t impress me anywhere near as much as last year, there were still dozens of great releases, especially in the second-half of the year. I guess as well, since this year has been very quiet for the Rich Reviewz blog (for personal reasons – 2015 will be the return of regular posts), you can see all the albums I’d wish I could have spoken about. Continue reading

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If You’re Going To… BLEH FEST 2013

BLEH Festival 2013Let’s face it, the UK hasn’t really got a big festival to support its grind/hardcore/powerviolence scene… that was until now, thanks to Zac of technical deathgrinders Oblivionized and recently formed Confine, there’s now a FREE festival situated in London that’s racked up an impressive line-up for a UK festival, let alone a free one. The two-day event is held at The Unicorn on Camden Road – so there’s a single stage and no clashes to worry about. GREAT! Continue reading

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Full Of Hell - Rudiments Of Mutilation

Full Of Hell – Rudiments Of Mutilation
Genre: Powerviolence/Hardcore

Label: A389 Records

Full Of Hell are exactly that, a four-man hate machine that throws pure bile and fury at your senses, and have been grabbing themselves an impressively big reputation in the worldwide powerviolence/hardcore ‘scene’. Powerviolence is known as an extreme, but Full Of Hell have taken it further and further in their fairly short existence so far by strengthening the power electronics influence with each release. If you’re into something faster, heavier and involving far more disgusting vocals than your average hardcore band, then Full Of Hell are for you. Continue reading

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