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R.I.P. Chi Cheng.

It’s no secret that I’m a big Deftones fan – have been since I was 16/17 – and to say I’m saddened by Chi’s passing is an understatement. Condolences go out to his hard-working family, friends and Deftones themselves. They all worked incredibly hard in keeping Chi as comfortable and safe as they possibly could during the years since that tragic accident that rocked everyone who knew him.

I remember reading/hearing about something Chi would often do in his community: he’d gather all his instruments, take them down to his local community and would teach people how to play music. It’s rare you’d ever find that real sort of kindness and goodwill in anyone who has managed to sell Platinum records.

We’re all going to miss you Chi, and you’ll forever live through the great music you played. One Love For Chi.

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Baroness Bus Crash.

It’s a shocking experience to hear that a band you hold in high regard get caught in an ordeal that could be fatal for anyone involved. When I woke up and heard about a bus crash with a band earlier, later finding out it was Baroness, I was stunned.

So far, it seems that everyone involved is ok and only two people are seriously injured, regardless my thoughts and wishes go out to everyone who was on the bus. Let’s hope there’s no tragedy to come of this.


TWO new Deftones songs appear online!

As a big Deftones fan, I’m excited to say the least. Footage of Deftones’ intimate gig at the Troubadour in California surfaced on Youtube two days ago, and two new songs were played for the first time to an audience: Roller Derby and Rosemary.

My personal opinion? I’m in love with Roller Derby already, and Chino’s shriek at one point gives me goosebumps, while Rosemary sounds so glum and hauntingly atmospheric, but I do like it. It sets a really promising preview of what to expect of the new album.

You can watch both videos here, let me know what you think!

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Favourite Albums of 2012… SO FAR.

Death Grips – The Money Store

The first choice and the first one that comes to my mind, no doubt at the top of the pile for me so far this year. Even when I heard the three or four songs promotionally released before the album, I knew that I would love it, but in no way as much as I actually did – I could listen to this album over and over and over without getting bored. Not many can make me do that. Noisy andĀ abrasiveĀ hip-hop.

Torche – Harmonicraft

Torche, in my opinion, took their “pop-sludge” from an ear-pounding hall approach to a stadium-flattening-size party beast. Some of these songs are just so BIG. Such a fun album, makes me want to drink beer and air guitar every time.

Melvins – Freak Puke

Although it’s “Melvins (Lite)”, I still class it as Melvins. I just thoroughly loved how dark and twisted this album was, really sank into new depths. Trevor Dunn is just great on it too, really brought out darkness from the Buzz and Dale.

Earth – Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about this album due to that it’s pretty much the same as AOD, DOL I… but the fact is, surprisingly overlooked, it’s a second part/half. I just really enjoyed this album and found certain moments just as chilling or mesmerising as the first.

Every Time I Die – Ex Lives

Just one of the most vicious releases that Every Time I Die has released in a few years, the anger just jumps at you and seizes you by the throat. The riffs, as usual, have a southern twinge and are just so catchy. Some tracks really do take a while to get used to, or at least it did for me. And there’s a banjo at one point, what more could anyone want?

Ab-Soul – Control System

This was my first time hearing Ab-Soul, and it took a while (mainly consisting of repeatedly listening to the Danny Brown feature track), but then it clicked. He’s really setting his own style and just really refreshing.

Joey Bada$$ – 1999

Just listen to it if you need hope that hip-hop might return to its 90’s roots.

Black Swan – Aeterna

Beautiful ambient drone but with a horror twist, like a soundtrack to a silent horror film played in slow motion. This is also a new artist to me and one of my favourite discoveries of the year.

Cattle Decapitation – Monolith Of Inhumanity

Brutal, relentless, punishing, violent, disgusting, horrifying, cruel… all you need in a brutal death metal/grindcore album, it’s right here. Travis just really outdoes all his vocals on previous albums with this, which is a bold statement to say the least, but true to my ears.

Black Breath – Sentenced To Life

I like their previous releases, but this is the first one that I find blows me away while not getting boring early on. It’s not exactly mindblowing, but I just find it a enjoyable listen. Crunchy riffs!

Clams Casino – Instrumental Mixtape 2

Just another starling collection of hip-hop beats by Clams. I never really understand why he lets people rhyme over his beats, but I’m glad he puts these mixtapes out of them untouched.

Unfortunately, there’s a load of new albums that I haven’t been able to listen to or haven’t gotten around to… there’s a lot of it out there! Especially the new Gojira album, I’ve only heard a handful of tracks so far, but not the whole thing.

Let me know what your favourites are so far.

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