Feastem / Oblivionized Live Review (Le Pub, Newport. 13/6/13)

Wales is lucky to be graced with great gigs with most bands settling for Bristol as the most Western point of a UK tour; however (and luckily) this wasn’t the case for the Feastem/Oblivionized UK tour. Feastem, travelling all the way from Finland, and Oblivionized from London set Newport’s loveable Le Pub as their Welsh date and ended up being well worth the travel from South-West Wales, despite travelling/accommodation expenses being 12x the ¬£5 door price!

Acid Shark were the first band to take to the stage – a four-piece that played some pretty fierce grind/death metal, and a vocalist who looked one GBH away from being put in an asylum. They just played a solid set and it was a shame that the venue was basically empty apart from other bands and four or five other audience members. They had some sound problems, which clearly agitated their bassist Nathan, but it wasn’t hindering the listening experience. Also, it felt like their vocalist Amer should have come onto the floor for a bit, he just had too much energy to be restrained on the small space he had.

Next up was Exeter’s grindrisers Human Cull, who also just played a very solid grind set… there’s not much to it than that! It was pretty easy to see how they’ve started garnering themselves a lot of attention lately and it’s gonna be cool to hear their split with Oblivionized – Zac contributed vocals at a certain point of their set too.

Speaking of which, Oblivionized came on next… came onto what didn’t matter since vocalist Zac and guitarist Sammy stayed on the floor, making the few of us near the stage a bit more vibrant. The threesome blasted through their dose of technical grind with such fucking ease that it was stupid; especially Sammy who pulls off some crazy sweeps while bouncing around like a kid with ADD. The highlight had to be Hope Is The First Sign Of Defeat with it’s ‘chorus’ working so well in a live setting – it was just an automatic shout-along moment. It was also unbelievable that they had played a 20-minute set too, feeling like 10-minutes and way shorter than any of the supports’. They just killed it.

Then it was time for the Feastem fury and they blew it away. It was basically a grind party. Think of the aggression of Magrudergrind but the kind of fun live Wormrot set; as well as some chirpy talk and song meanings from vocalist Petri. Again, the set flew by and it didn’t feel like they’d been on for more than maybe 12 minutes (yeah, grind, I know) and they ended up making me frothing for more – another ten minutes would have been fine! It’s was as simple as that really: a stupidly great set. If a fun grind show is something you’re looking for, then definitely make your way to a Feastem gig if you have the chance.

The only pity of the whole night was how empty the venue was and it was pretty frustrating, but any extreme metal fan in South Wales knows how rare it is to meet like-minded people. That said, it was a great gig and Wales really needs more like this… hopefully one day the venues will be full because that’s what these bands deserved.

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One thought on “Feastem / Oblivionized Live Review (Le Pub, Newport. 13/6/13)

  1. Amer says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words Rich, and thank you for coming down and glad you had fun! -Amer

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