Top 10… Anticipated Songs To Hear On the Melvins ‘Endless Residency’ Dates.

I’m a big Melvins fan. It’s no secret: they are without a doubt one of my favourite bands, and so when they announced they were doing four dates of their Endless Residency (two in London, two in Bristol) themed performances, there was no way I was going to miss it.

So on the 21st/22nd of May (two days from now), I’ll be witnessing Melvins plough through some of their classic releases in their entirety: on the  21st they will be playing Houdini, Lysol and Eggnog; and on the 22nd Stoner Witch and Bullhead. So what better way to channel my extreme excitement about it than to make a list of the songs that I’m most looking forward to hearing over the two nights at The Exchange in Bristol.

If you’re not familiar with Melvins, this is probably a good time/way to get into them too.

10. At The Stake  (from “Stoner Witch”)

It’s just got that lethargic and peaceful sludge sound… and when Buzz bellows “Shade’s know any reason / Flames are all I see”, urrrrrgh.

9. Lizzy  (from “Houdini”)

One of their most well-known tracks, and I can’t really explain why I like it so much… maybe it’s that same lethargic, dreamy twangy guitar and the lyrics, like “He’s somebody’s daughter”, coming out of nowhere.

8. Roman Bird Dog  (from “Lysol”)

I know that the band sometimes plays “Lysol” in full, treating it like one whole song (they did the first time I saw them), but I decided against just putting “Lysol” down as on song, and so chose my favourite track/section from it. Just absolutely brooding and foul-tempered, instrumentally sounding like an alcoholic that’s about to snap and commit murder.

7. Revolve  (from “Stoner Witch”)

Another extremely popular track amongst Melvins fans and it’s not hard to hear why. RIFFS!

6. Goin’ Blind  (from “Houdini”)

The infamous KISS cover. Melvins make the song just as dark and sorrowful as the original.

5. Queen  (from “Stoner Witch”)

This track just features that classic creeping-build-then-blast thing that the Melvins do so well, and I can imagine the crowd will shout along “I got time to wish away”.

4. Set Me Straight  (from “Houdini”)

Even though I don’t understand why Melvins get slapped with the grunge tag, this track is pretty close to it. You could imagine it being on the Clerks soundtrack, which is no bad thing.

3. Joan Of Arc  (from “Houdini”)

“Moss in the morning might be WAAAAAAAAAY!”

2. If I Had An Exorcism  (from “Bullhead”)

The first riff and the transition/progression at 1:18 onwards just blows my mind every time. This track just holds no prisoners in terms of songwriting. It’s just ridiculous!

1. Boris  (from “Bullhead”)

Perhaps Melvins’ most seedy, perverted and lecherous songs EVER. I could write you an essay on why I love this song so much, but would do no justice to it. It might be during this track that I just crawl into the fetal position and cry, especially from 6:11 onwards. Devastating.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10… Anticipated Songs To Hear On the Melvins ‘Endless Residency’ Dates.

  1. independentmusicpromotions says:

    Great piece, Rich. I have my tickets for their August Vancouver show and can’t wait! They’re one of my long time favorites as well. All the best!

    • richreviewz says:

      Thank you for the kind words! Gonna post a review in a short while… it was incredible, heavy emotions thinking about the nights. You’re gonna have a blast!

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