My Record Store Day 2013.

So once again on the rise of Record Store Day, I had another blast looking, buying and talking at my favourite (and only, ha!) local record shop, Tangled Parrot (you can visit their online store here). This was my third one (’10, ’12 and this year) but it’s my first since collecting vinyl and so this time around, the special releases interested me a whole lot more than ever before (I’d only buy CDs and watch performances in the previous ones). So, here it is, my swag report… yeah… 

First of all, despite having work in the morning – 6am ’til 1.30pm – I had three releases that I put as priority. Two of them weren’t at the Parrot unfortunately, those being The Roots classic “Things Fall Apart” and Botch’s “American Nervoso”. However I did get my highest priority: Deftones – “Live: Volume I. Selections From Adrenaline”.

I’ve listened to it the once and it’s even better than I expected. They’re live recordings of “Adrenaline” tracks at a concert (“Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY on 10.13.96”). So, first of all, you’re getting Chi’s backing vocals on this, which I think is the best thing considering the recent unfortunate passing of Chi Cheng – it proves how vital he was in Deftones.

On one side, it has Minus Blindfold and Teething (not an “Adrenaline” track really, but a track from that era) and the other has Nosebleed and Engine No. 9. You don’t get straight-up live copies of the tracks, Deftones really switch and experiment on these versions, not following the recordings by a long-shot (especially on Minus Blindfold). It’s a must-have for any big Deftones fan, trust me.

The rest of the RSD exclusives were pretty much on the spot purchases. I snagged the Napalm Death/Insect Warfare split (although both sides has a track from each – Side A: Napalm Death – Scum/Insect Warfare – Necessary Death and Side B: Insect Warfare – Manipulator/Napalm Death – Control).

Also Napalm Death related, I got their 10″ of “Leaders Not Followers” EP. If you don’t know already, it’s covers of some of the influences that played a big part in forming their style (and grindcore in general), so there’s a bunch of hardcore and death metal covers, from the their fan-favourite cover of Dead Kennedy’s Nazi Punks Fuck Off and Slaughter’s Incinerator. I hadn’t actually heard this release until now and was quite surprised that there’s a bit (after a long silence) at the end of the EP where a Welsh fan introduces himself, announces he’s from
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (yes, that’s a real place in North Wales) and that he’s a Napalm Death fan, and then translates the whole thing in Welsh. A nice surprise! (Napalm have recorded their last few albums in Wales.)

Then I got Bong’s “Untitled” release, which is a lone track that stretches on both sides. If you’re familiar with Bong, you know what to expect, but if not: just imagine some of the most marijuana misted doom-drone with some Middle-East influences and moaned chants. Just a real solid track. Plus, look at ‘dat splatter!

Then my last RSD exclusive buy of the day was this little gem: Willie Nelson’s Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die single 7″. It has the ‘album version’ with the brilliant Snoop Dogg (and other) guest appearence, and then a solo version on the other side, which was previously unreleased. Unfortunately, I can’t listen to it right now because I don’t have a center for it, sad face, but I can’t wait until I do. That colour too…

As for non-RSD exclusives, I finally caved and bought a bunch of stuff I’d been eyeing for a long time… first and foremost, Earth’s “Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II” picture disc… urgh, it’s so nice. It’s on two LPs, which all have some sort of design on them. Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Earth and liked this album.

Not my favourite Sunn O))) release, but I have been close to buying this the last few times I’d been in the Tangled Parrot. Sunn O)))’s “Oracle” is a live recording at a performance in a London art gallery in 2006. Apparently it was a collab between the band themselves and New York sculptor Banks Violette, the live set featuring a load of art/sculptures that Banks Violette felt represented Sunn O))) – so a load of amps, guitars, effect peddles and drawings. It’s a real nice gatefold package.

Then I bought a bunch of CDs, as you can see. They are (clockwise from top-left) Butthole Surfers’ “Self-titled+PCPEPP” with bonus tracks, Conan’s “Horseback Battle Hammer”, Wu-Tang Clan’s “Enter The 36 Chambers” and Pentemple’s “O))) Presents…”. Again, these are CDs I’d been eyeing for a long, long time and finally just grabbed them yesterday.

I also got some freebies too: a 10″ RSD of “Music Finland With The Line Of Best Fit” (yet to listen to it), Rock Action Records (Mogwai’s record label) “Sampler Vol.3” CD and a nice little Tangled Parrot badge… although after yesterday, I think I deserve my very own plaque in that place!

So yeah, a very good haul and yet another great Record Store Day… now I’m itching for next year’s!

If you have any interesting stories or buys on yesterday’s Record Store day or any previous years, let me know, I always love reading/seeing what people got!

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