Submission Round Ups #1

This will be a new segment where I review submissions sent in via mini-reviews. If you send stuff for me to review it, I will review it, and so this is the best way I can keep on top of the growing number of submissions. If you like/hate the idea, let me know!

Leeches Of Lore - Frenzy, Ecstasy

Leeches of Lore – Frenzy, Ecstacy
Genre: Experimental/Psychedelic Rock

If there ever was a three-word definition of mad and unpredictable, Leeches of Lore would be it. The deceptive name had me expecting a powerviolence band seething with misanthropic rage and hate; instead you’re hurled a lot of crazy sounds inspired by 70/80’s prog rock. There’s guitars, drums, bass, keyboards and vocals, but there’s also some trumpets and falsettos thrown in for good measure too, with a noticeable Spaghetti Western influence.

L’evoluzione dei Microbi begins with a sound that heavily resonates one of Ennio Morricones Western soundtracks, but eventual turns into a heartrending soft-rock track, with such a grandiose riff. That Ol’ Brain Rapin’ Highway starts off with a majestic galloping, mixing that Spaghetti Western influence with a surf rock and prog rock approach, constantly changing through phrases and tempos that has you puzzled all the way through.

The End Of The Glode is a bit more rockish, but has a doomish slow march section about three-quarters through that comes out of nowhere. Then the following track Savoury Marshmallow sounds like… well… a prog rock version of Today Is The Day. No joke.

It’s just adventurous and fun; it makes you wonder what the writing process was like with some of these songs. It’s what I’d imagine the inside of pre-teen Mike Patton’s head would sound like.


Flying Midget Records

False Flag Attack - Nuclear Winter

False Flag Attack – Nuclear Winter EP
Genre: Grindcore

I reviewed their first EP last year and loved it for being so full of sincere frustration and angst blasted out in grindcore fury with finesse that’s rarely found in bands that have only been around for a few months.

This EP yet again sees False Flag Attack focusing on socio-political criticism, this time a subject closer to the German duo’s home – the Cold War. Lyrics on the Berlin Wall are barked in both Bullshit and Cold War, Nuclear Winter has a moment where the drums and guitar build in tempo to an unbelievable degree, like a runaway train down a hill, followed by the eerie mix of what sounds like wind/muffled breathing and xylophone in Aftermath.

There’s also a cover of satirical singer-songwriter Tom Lehrer’s So Long, Mom; featuring the man himself’s introduction to the song – which is suddenly interrupted by d-beat drums, crunchy guitars and snarled vocals… possibly one of the most imaginative covers in extreme metal? Possibly.

It’s another stellar effort from the guys, and so the only question here is how will False Flag Attack pull off a full length album? And when?!


Youtube playlist for Nuclear Winter
Torn Flesh Records


Dogfight Sox – Flux
Genre: Industrial rock/Electronic

Dogfight Sox are a duo from Germany and on this 5-track EP they push a fairly harsh electronic-based rock sound – a foot in both the industrial and nu-metal sounds. It definitely seems like a marmite situation for potential listeners: you’ll either roll your eyes or jam it all the time. There’s also a lot of dubstep ‘wobs’ on here.

The first track, ¡ Konichiwa Bitches ! has an extremely heavy rap-metal/rock vibe on it; imagine if Hollywood Undead listened to Rabbit Junk and Wumpscut  instead of Limp Bizkit and Linkin’ Park.  There’s also a dubstep phrase which, to someone who doesn’t get the appeal of dubstep, isn’t bad at all. Templum has a good use of sharply distorted guitar cutting in and out over the drums, as well as an interesting sample near the end.

However, this is just might not be my cup of tea as a whole package. There’s some good ideas there, but the way they’re applied is simply down to whether this is what you actually want to hear or not – it just does nothing for me. If you’re looking for electronic music with a harsh rock aesthetic, with a bit of dubstep thrown in the mix, then this is definitely for you.


Flux EP on Bandcamp
Dungeon Recordings

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