Sorry for the lack of posts.

I haven’t been completely lazy as I have been doing stuff for MetalRecusents and the Eyesoremerch blog, so if you’re interested in reading recent stuff I’ve done for either, here they are:

Release Review for Aeon’s “Aeons Black”

Online Interview with Kill Ritual

Review of Soundgarden’s “King Animal”

Otherwise, I have been pretty quiet. I haven’t really got much of an idea what I could review for this page, at the moment I’m considering the How To Destroy Angels “An Omen” EP that I got for Christmas and finally review the Social Studies EP that Daddy Tank Records kindly sent me around November time.

I also need ideas for stuff to do or review for the Eyesoremerch blog too, and I’m not the greatest at coming up with them, so if there’s anything you’d like to see written about or certain albums to be reviewed, then let me know and we’ll do it!

I know I’ve got a fair few submissions to get through as well. If you’ve sent me your stuff, I will get round to it, trust me. Sorry if stuff is a little bit slow.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Christmas! There’s already a lot in store in 2013 already – gonna be doing my first band interview in January, nervous and excited at the same time.


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