Top 50 Songs of 2012: 25-1

And here is the second half of the list. These are my top 25 (out of 50) songs of 2012!

25. LornWeigh Me Down

I have to say that I only found out there was an official music video for this yesterday and had I found it a few days before, it would have definitely been on my music videos of the year list. As for the song itself, it’s just so dark and paranoid, while keeping to a simple groove/beat. It’s so easy to put on repeat.

24. Trash TalkF.E.B.N.

Just a great punk track, it’s easy to see why they chose it as a single/promotional track, full to the brim with fire and spite.

23. JJ DoomGuv’nor

Jneiro Jarel definitely knows how to make a memorable hip-hop instrumental and Doom, despite going at a different timing and pace as the instrumental at times, fits so well onto the track. I love the samples as well.

22. GrimesGenesis

Lovely, just lovely.

21. The Gaslamp KillerDead Vets

A really soothing electronic track.

20. Killer MikeBig Beast (ft. Bun B, T.I. & Trouble)

“POW, MUTHAFUCKA! POW!” C’mon, how can this track not get stuck in your head? The whole of “R.A.P. Music” was pretty good too.

19. Red Fang – Hank Is Dead

One of the catchier songs on “Murder The Mountains”, simply a great and addictive riff-fuelled rock track.

18. MelvinsLet Me Roll It

There’s no good quality album version of this, so you’ll have to deal with a live performance. Anyway, I love this cover of Paul McCartney & Wings; they stay true to the formula but make it their own… and heavy.

17. Danny BrownGrown Up

Danny Brown rapping over A Tribe Called Quest loop? YES.

16. TorcheWalk It Off

Man, what do you say about this other than it’s just an unstoppable fun riff giant.

15. Ab-Soul – Terrorist Threats (ft. Jhene Aiko & Danny Brown)

This track got me into Ab-Soul, but it took a while admittedly. The beat is nice, Jhene Aiko’s smooth vocals and Danny Brown’s verse had me listening to this on repeat for a month or two straight.

14. Crystal CastlesPlague

The first song that was released prior to “(III)” and I loved it – the underground cult rave vibe to it is infective.

13. Death GripsNo Love

Death Grips have no love for nothing, but I have a lot for them. The bass is so damn heavy on this and I love the kind of warped and twisted ‘siren’ sound of the synths. Plus the chorus is just… URGH! “You’re fit to learn the meaning of a beatdown / Madness, chaos in the brain / Let my blood flow, let my blood flow through you maaane / You got no business questionin’ a thang”. As well as the “Too many ho’s in my muthafuckin’ meal / Asking if I know how a muthafucka feels!”, just impossible to not repeat.

12. DeftonesGoon Squad

One of the more aggressive tracks on “Koi No Yokan” and I love it. It just sounds so big.

11. GrimesOblivion

It’s so catchy! I love the synth/key sequence!

10. Clams CasinoBass

The name gives it away: the bass just growls on this track, and that warped voice/synth (?) just covers the track in atmosphere. This was produced for ASAP Rocky, who I’m not a fan of, but I think this instrumental will always overshadow any MC who uses it.

9. Car BombThe Sentinal

The sonic form of a clusterbomb – your senses are attacked from everywhere at once and it’s almost suffocating. Plus, the “Rip it apart / Piss on it, piss on it” part is so brutal!

8. The Alchemist – Flight Confirmation (ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q)

I’m really hoping The Alchemist produces for Danny Brown on a future record, because this is definitely the perfect beat for Danny – raw and, frankly, fucked up.

7. SquarepusherUnreal Square

I generally hate dubstep, but Squarepusher manages to make even my hated genre loveable with this track. Totally refreshing.

6. GorillazDo Ya Thang (ft. James Murphy & Andre 3000)

All you need to know is that Andre 3000 is, pretty much, the shit.

5. Pig DestroyerThe Bug

“WHY? WHY? WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER THE GODDAMN PHONE?” That part is absolutely mind-blowing with Kat Katz and J.R. Hayes doing joint vocals as Adam Jarvis speeds up the double-peddles during each “Why?”. A perfect moment.

4. Every Time I DieDrag King

My favourite track from the beast of an album “Ex Lives”. The whole song is a rampage you can’t help get sucked into, but from the “What does he have that I don’t / What does he have that I don’t / Except you” part… damn. The drums are so tight!

3. Crystal CastlesKerosene

I got really obsessed with this track when the new album came out, the glitchy nature of the track as well as the pitch-shifted vocals just make it for me – perhaps it has something to do with the Cat Puke song I mentioned in the other half of the list. Just addictive.

2. DeftonesRomantic Dreams

That chorus… just listen to that chorus.

1. Death GripsSystem Blower

Everything about this is just so, so good. The bass, the vocals, the bass, the lyrics… did I mention the bass? There’s absolutely nothing to complain about. It’s dangerous to listen to while you’re driving though… just saying. “SYSTEM, SYSTEM BLOWAH! BLOOOOWAH! SYSTEM. OVER.”

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