Top 50 Songs of 2012: 50-26

These are my personal favourite songs to come out of 2012.

50. GojiraPlanned Obsolescence

Heavy, just so damn heavy. “L’Enfant Sauvage” was a little disappointing to me, but this track stood out and engraved itself in my mind for a while.

49. Om – Gethsemane

Superb doom track from Om, makes you feel like you’re floating on a wooden ship down the Nile in thick mist, about to ambush an enemy settlement with archers. Really!

48. Trent Reznor and Atticus RossImmigrant Song (ft. Karen O)

I thought this cover of the Led Zeppelin classic was brilliant, given the dark edge that was needed for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s opening credits. Karen O was such a great pick for the main vocals too.

47. Captain MurphyMighty Morphin Foreskin

The whole thing just sounds dark and comedic at the same time… although I still can’t decide whether Flying Lotus had a ghost writer or not for his lyrics, this track is addictive as hell.

46. Flying LotusDMT Song (ft. Thundercat)

Never has whispering the name of a drug been so soothing.

45. The Gaslamp KillerImpulse (ft. Daedelus)

Just a nice, smooth electronica jam.

44. ConvergeAimless Arrow

What can you say about this track? Converge just know how to make intense tracks, fast or slow. Jacob Bannon’s vocals sound so desperate on this track too, absolutely breathtaking.

43. El-POh Hail No (ft. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire & Danny Brown)

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that crazy about “Cure 4 Cancer”, but I love this track, especially due to Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire and Danny Brown – especially to the fact that the tempo changes for Danny; it makes his part even more special!

42. Pissed JeansBathroom Laughter

This might be cheating a little but I don’t care: this is a track from their new album for next year and, by the sound of it, it’s going to be great.

41. Neurosis – My Heart for Deliverance

My favourite track from the latest album “Honour Found In Decay”… just glumly beautiful.

40. Meshuggah – The Devil’s Name Is Surveillance

Again, “Koloss” was a bit of a disappointment with its lack of change throughout, but this song is absolutely crushing.

39. Cattle Decapitation – A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat

The most brutal track on this list? Probably. Travis Ryan’s vocals on this are unmatched in grindcore/death metal; let alone metal in general. Honestly, how the hell does he do some of those?! The chorus may just be the catchiest thing they’ve ever written too.

38. Joey Bada$$Snakes (ft. T’nah Apex)

Man, I loved this track. I thought T’nah Apex’s contribution to this and Suspect was massively overlooked in reviews I watched or read – her vocals work well with Joey’s fairly deep raps. She knows how to write great lines too.

37. DevilmanBakan Q


36. Pig DestroyerBaltimore Strangler

The lyrics are just brilliant, it feels like the “Book Burner” version of Starbelly. “She’s got a neck that’s built for my hands / The way a pine grows for the saw / They say that I hate women / They couldn’t be more wrong”. Damn.

35. Clams CasinoKissing On My Syrup

Clams just knows how to make good hip-hop beats. Just everything about this is good.

34. Ghost PuncherCat Puke

This was number one on my videos list. The song is pretty addictive too, god knows how many times I’ve listened to it on my iTunes and iPod. I keep trying to figure out what the vocals are saying too, can’t do it, but it sounds so good!

33. Loma PrietaFly By Night

Another song that made it in the videos list. Emotional, harsh, gritty yet beautiful at the same time. How they penned this song is beyond me.

32. HEALTHTears

I loved Max Payne 3, and I loved it’s soundtrack which had been done almost completely by HEALTH (bar one song one or two songs). This also comes on at one of the coolest parts of the game… so badass.

31. DeftonesRosemary

Maybe not a surprising spoiler to anyone who knows me, but this isn’t the only Deftones song in this list. Just beautiful. That bass in the beginning is going to be magical in a live setting.

30. Lil BI Own Swag

Sorry, but both the song and the video are hilarious, I listen to it pretty regularly.

29. Pulled Apart By HorsesSome Mothers

Standard PABH, just catchy post-hardcore-tech-rock-hyper-party-whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

28.  HoaxStuck

This is sorta cheating seeing as this song appeared on an EP before 2012… but their 3rd EP came out this year and had it again. Deal with it.

27. TeephYou Should Probably Stop Being An Asshole

I reviewed these guys earlier in the year and was honestly blown away by “Vietnamaste”. This track is like Hella meets sludge and tech metal’s warped son.

26. Chelsea WolfeFlatlands

If this track doesn’t pull on your heartstrings, then I don’t know what you are… Wolfe just really… I don’t know, just listen to it. Think about your life while listening to it.

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