Top 20 Music Videos of 2012

We all love a good music video, right? Sometimes it can make you love or understand a song a little bit more, or it can be a complete bloodfest that you just concentrate on the visuals, or it can be plain funny – either way, these are my top picks for 2012. Enjoy.

20. MelvinsThe War On Wisdom

Kid versions of the Melvins, what’s not cool about that?

19. Red FangHank Is Dead

Red Fang prepares a town for an air guitar competition, and plenty of beer to go with it. Great song, great video.

18. Every Time I DieRevival Mode

Even though I hated the song when the video was released, I kept coming back for the video (the track made a whole lot more sense when I listened to the album). I still don’t completely understand what the video is about, but it’s dark and I like it!

17. Das Racist – Girl

I literally only just found out about this video thanks to SamLovesMusic’s 2012 video list, and yes, it is that good to manage it into the list so quickly. Girl was one of my favourite tracks on their debut (and seemingly final) album “Relax” and the video fits Das Racist’s silly humour perfectly.

16. Death GripsDouble Helix

It’s basically MC Ride giving the reversing camera on a car his bedroom eyes and proceeding to hump it.

15. Cattle Decapitation – Kingdom Of Tyrants: Minifilm

A lot of people would have probably picked their gorefest of a video Forced Gender Reassignment, which reminded me of Cephalic Carnage’s Ohrwurm (which I prefer). I just really loved the post-apocalyptic theme of this video; it was a good representation of what to expect on “Monolith Of Inhumanity”.

14. Loma PrietaFly By Night

Most live/tour music videos are pretty forgettable, but this really represents the chaos and integrity of Loma Prieta’s music. Just really hypnotising.

13. ThundercatWalkin’

Man, what a whacky vid, and ex-Suicidal Tendencies bassist Stephen Bruner and porn actress Havana Ginger actually look sweet together in this vid… weird.

12. Torche Kicking

Doesn’t it just give you warm, fuzzy feelings?

11. JJ Doom Guv’nor

Doesn’t really need an explanation, I though the mirror technique was pretty damn cool.

10. Flying LotusPretty Boy Strut

Really beautiful cartoon about a malfunctioning robot who begins to grow after consuming other robots, just really nice.

9. SquarepusherDark Steering

This is what you get when you mix Dead Space with electronica. It’s pretty too.

8. Ab-SoulTerrorist Threats

The first time I watched this video (also the first time I heard of Ab-Soul), I really didn’t like the song, but being a Danny Brown fan I liked his guest on it. The video just had me coming back, because it was clear Ab-Soul isn’t your average hip-hop artist… eventually I clicked, and loved “Control System”.

7. Joey Bada$$Survival Tactics

I stumbled on this video early in 2012 and was instantly blown away, more so when I found out Joey is 17-years-old. This video and song fit together like a jigsaw.

6. Trash TalkF.E.B.N.

I’m really not a fan of Odd Future’s music, but I think they are funny (and fun) guys from their random messing about videos. Although Trash Talk and OF’s close ties is either a hit or miss for fans (a miss for me), Tyler did a great job directing this music video, really capturing the chaos of Trash Talk.

5. GrimesOblivion

God, isn’t she just awesome!

4. DevilmanBakan Q

A Japanese mobster orders a takeaway at a Devilman gig where someone trashes their laptop and everyone begins to mosh and a man gets his hand cut off over a drug deal gone wrong. It doesn’t have to make sense, just watch it!

3. Danny Brown – Grown Up

I played this song to death when Scion AV released it; Danny Brown rapping over a A Tribe Called Quest loop is amazing. Then this video came out, and I watched it on repeat. The kid playing as a young Danny Brown is such a dude! There’s just something really touching when Danny appears too, like you’re happy that he’s getting this success.

2. Blacklisters – Trickfuck

I dare you to show this video to your parents. Go on.

1. Ghost PuncherCat Puke

Just watch it, seriously, just watch it. Watch it. Then watch it again. And again, and again.

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2 thoughts on “Top 20 Music Videos of 2012

  1. Psychotic Break says:

    That Ghost Puncher vid is class!

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