Car Bomb – “w^w^^w^w” Quick Review

Car Bomb – w^w^^w^w
Genre: Tech Metal/Experimental

Label: Relapse Records

Car Bomb, a name no band should even think about coining unless their music is going to be as lethal as one, and needless to say, these guys make sure that happens. Car Bomb is a chaotic-yet-controlled four-piece tech metal band from New York, who laid the gauntlet down for metal that fuses jazz influences into the time structures of their songs with their first album “Centralia” back in 2007. Despite the lack of releases, Car Bomb have somehow managed to maintain an almost intimidating popularity amongst extreme metal fans. So when Car Bomb releases their second album, five years after their debut, it’s a big deal.

First track, The Sentinal, just starts in an all out fury of stop-start drum patterns and dizzying chugged riffs, as vocalist Michael Dafferner growls “What the fuck is this bullshit for”. When the song (quickly) reaches the “Rip it apart / Piss on it, piss on it” part… the hatred is overbearing, you can feel yourself succumb to madness and want to destroy the nearest thing to you – there’s even a maddening electronic interlude that just jars against itself. It’s unfiltered aggression.

Lower The Blade is probably the track that might strike long-term fans as Car Bomb’s strangest track yet. As it starts, sounding like a bone crushing machine warming up, it’s pretty standard to how the experience up to this track has been, with the drums and guitar locking into maddening polyrhythmic patterns. However, this track features clean vocals, similar to Justin Hill’s clean moments in SikTh, and acoustic guitar with effects soon follows – which could have been a horrible addition, but actually works really well.

Then there’s Third Revelation… what to say about this beast other than Gojira’s frontman Joseph Duplantier is the guest vocalist on it. The track reminisces of Gojira’s “The Way Of All Flesh” material for a large part, but with Car Bomb’s signature brutality and psychotic mania. Despite being a guest, the band and Duplantier work fluidly together and it’s almost a shame that this is the only track to feature him. Just unforgiving and heavy.

If you haven’t taken the hint already: this album is pure, intoxicating fury. This is anger in its thickest, insanity at its most potent. If that’s what your looking for, then “w^w^^w^w” is probably the best quality fix you’re going to find for a long time. Car Bomb truly outdone themselves with this record, which might have been considered heresy and impossible when “Centralia” came out, but its happened. A must listen for any metalhead.

Favourite tracks: The Sentinal, Finish It, Spirit Of Poison.

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2 thoughts on “Car Bomb – “w^w^^w^w” Quick Review

  1. Matthew says:

    fantastic metal album. love the first record and it will probably always be my favorite carbomb release. but my god this album rips the listener apart. favorite tracks are Spirit of Poison and Crud.

    • richreviewz says:

      I can understand why someone would prefer the first album – as lame as it sounds M^6 will always be my favourite song, just never gets old. I loved Spirit Of Poison too, so good!

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