An update on general things.

The last eight days have probably been the most active I have been with this review page, and I’ve really enjoyed it! However, over the next two weeks, there may not be any posts (maybe one, if lucky) because I’m going to be pretty busy working, preparing for a gig and a festival within the same week.

The gig in question is Trash Talk in Newport (Wales) on the 20th, which will be my third time seeing them and it’s the same venue (Le Pub) as the first time I saw them (when I had long hair!). Then three days later, I’ll be making my way to Reading Festival, which I’m also looking forward to and seeing Trash Talk again there. If I write any pieces in the next fortnight, it’ll be about these two, as a review and preview/overview – and I promise to review Reading once I get back. But, for now, here’s a list of bands/artists that I’m probably going to see (these bands win in clashes, so there are actually twice as many that I wish I could see):

The Cure, Foo Fighters, At The Drive-In, Trash Talk, Every Time I Die, Ceremony, Crystal Castles, Grimes, Mastodon, Cancer Bats, Ifan Dafydd, Coheed & Cambria, Pulled Apart By Horses, Blood Red Shoes, Turbonegro, Eagles of Death Metal.

That’s based on the times on Clashfinder General site (Ifan Dafydd isn’t on there, so I’m just hoping there’s no clashes with him).

Unfortunately, going to Reading Fest means I’m missing out on another interesting festival: Worcester Music Festival, a SXSW-style festival that supports the smaller bands and artists. If you haven’t heard of it before then check the official website here, and a preview I did here. I’m hoping to go next year.

Among other things, if anyone knows me or is in regular check on any social site I’m on, I’m extremely excited about the new Pig Destroyer album, Book Burner, that’s coming out on the 23rd October. All this week, I’ve just been listening to the whole discography on repeat, as you can probably see via my account (here, if you’re interested or want to talk).

That’s it for the moment, work and readying for these two events, I’m going to be pretty low on cash after them… so I’ll have to start saving for Damnation Festival and the New Lows/Full Of Hell tour!

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2 thoughts on “An update on general things.

  1. Imagica says:

    I’ve seen Coheed and Cambria live back when Burning Star IV came out, it was REALLY thematic. Good luck at the new events!

    • richreviewz says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen them before, at Download in 2010. They were a favourite band of a friend’s and I’d never really understood the appeal, but made it a mission to catch them. I did, and safe to say, they blew my mind. As soon as I got back from the festival, the first thing I did was listen to all their albums. Claudio is just such a showman – he was screaming into the guitar and the vocals came out the speakers, really made an impact on me seeing that.

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