If You’re Going To… BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR 2012

The eighth Bloodstock Open Air festival will be wreaking havoc this coming weekend, from the 9th-12th, unleashing metal to the masses in Derbyshire! The festival boasts blackened death metal monsters Behemoth, groove metal veterans Machine Head and the legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper as mainstage headliners – as well as a hundred more variations of metal acts spread across four stages and four days (instead of the ‘norm’ of three days). The festival appeals to a wide variety sub-genres in metal, generally covering the death/thrash/black/folk/sludge/heavy metal areas. So Bloodstock should appeal to anyone who is looking for an intense degree of metal.

As for the line-up, the Ronnie James Dio Stage will feature the likes of TestamentCorrosion Of Conformity, Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Nile, Crowbar, The Black Dahlia Murder, Watain, Grand Magus and many more; while the Sophie Lancaster Stage has Alcest, Orange Goblin, Anaal Nathrakh, Viking Skull, Marionette, Witchsorrow, Flayed Disciple, etc. Then there’s the New Blood Stage, which introduces up and coming bands and the Jagermeister Stage supplies semi and full acoustic performances from Kobra And The Lotus, I AM I (who are also playing the RJD stage), Orianthi and more. So, there’s plenty of bands to check out, but as for other activities, the festival provides an international market drawing customs of all kinds, a fairground and plenty of karaoke and DJ entertainment to keep you occupied in the early hours of each morning.

So, if you’re convinced and intend to go see this impressive line-up, then you need to know the costs. For a whole weekend ticket, you’re looking to spend £115 while individual day tickets cost £55 each. If you happen to have a child who loves metal as much as you do, then a ticket only costs £25 for the weekend, which is a great deal. But hurry, it’s this coming weekend!

So, while you’re waiting for the metal onslaught, here are some suggestions on who to see:

When: Friday (10th)
Where: Ronnie James Dio Stage

If you love your music crushing and brutal, then Behemoth are unmissable with their gripping blend of technical black and brutal death metal. Expect blistering riffs, blastbeats and crowd-throwing death metal breakdowns as Behemoth promotes death metal that’s evil and punishing. Plus, vocalist and guitarist Negal has not long recovered from Leukaemia, which he had to undergo bone marrow transplant for. So, not only would it be great to witness groundbreaking music live, but to show support for the return of one of metal’s most determined musicians.

Demigod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3nRoHfgVNw

When: Saturday (11th)
Where: Ronnie James Dio Stage

The thrash titans Testament may not get as much recognition as The Big Four, but the band have cemented their importance and impact in history nonetheless. Shredding since 1983, Testament have proven their worth to the metal community time and time again, and so for any self-respecting thrasher, this is a set to see. Simply fast, relentless and fun.

Over The Wall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3lqsarye3A

When: Sunday (12th)
Where: Ronnie James Dio Stage

Nile are one of the few bands that have their own signature niche that no-one can copy, mixing the sounds of traditional Egyptian music with technical death metal, as well as lyrical themes of Middle Eastern mythology. Their unstoppable technical prowess is enough to make any musician want to give up – to see awe-inspiring drummer George Kollias in action alone should be a reason to see the band live!

Annihilation Of The Wicked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_t3f9OZxfQ

Alice Cooper
When: Sunday (12th)
Where: Ronnie James Dio Stage

Do I really need to suggest this? Not really, but I will exaggerate the point further: The king of shock rock, Alice Cooper has done it all and his legacy is common knowledge. His live shows are renowned for its convincing and controversial theatrics (featuring beheadings and hangings) that are bound to get the biggest of haters in awe. To quote Wayne’s World, we are not worthy, so take advantage of this chance to witness this rock legend.

Feed My Frankenstein:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO2cHJmDkBg

When: Saturday (11th)
Where: Ronnie James Dio Stage

Black metal originators Mayhem has also had its fair share of controversy: losing vocalist Dead to suicide in 1991, and founder guitarist Euronymous murdered by Burzum artist Varg Vikernes in 1993. Despite a break-up, Mayhem have continued with their old school black metal campaign and are simply unmissable, even for the smallest of BM fans.

Freezing Moon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC000T93PL0

When: Saturday (11th)
Where: Ronnie James Dio Stage

Crowbar have been pushing their nihilistic sludge sound since 1989, crushing listeners with pure New Orleans misery over a lengthy discography. Founding member Kirk Windstein has created some of the most thickest and memorable riffs in sludge history, however the latest release “Sever The Wicked Hand” saw a more positive influence has made its way into Crowbar with hardcore elements. Either way, a must for those who like it slow and heavy.

Existence Is Punishment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jC9Up1JYTk

Viking Skull
When: Thursday (9th)
Where: Sophie Lancaster Stage

If you’re looking for something more light-hearted, without missing a decent amount of heaviness, then Viking Skull are a nice break from all the seriousness. Featuring members of now-defunct Raging Speedhorn, with affiliations to members of Jackass (most notably due to drummer Jess Margera, Bam Margera’s older brother), there is no doubt that these guys will be entertaining to see, as well as fixing you up with a dose of heavy metal.

Beers, Drugs & Bitches (Live at Golden Gods 2006): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty2p4IlzONY

When: Sunday (12th)
Where: New Blood Stage

If you’re interested in checking out the unsigned and up-and-coming bands, Hakin are definitely worth your time. Dirty, heavy and unforgiving, the band mixes death metal with doom and sludge influences to create an ugly, seething sonic brute. Featuring members from the technical Intensive Square, who played the same stage last year, you can expect an intense set from this South Wales posse.

Doom (Live): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4DhL-CI2pk

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4 thoughts on “If You’re Going To… BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR 2012

  1. Mark/Angel says:

    Good overview! But Nathrakh man…NATHRAKH.

    • richreviewz says:

      Haha, I was expecting someone to say something about that. I’m just not a fan at all… they’re kinda one of those bands I actually want to like, seeing as they’re so praised, but I just can’t get past the clean vocals (so fussy like that).

      • Mark/Angel says:

        Fair enough, nothing before the second album (Domine Non Es Dignus) has clean vocals as I recall. The Codex Necro is really worth a listen in my opinion, if just for Satanarchrist, which they redid on a later album to an even better degree. Not all the tracks of their albums have cleans on 😉

      • richreviewz says:

        Haha, ok, I’ll give them another go – I’ll try listening to The Codex Necro all the way through and see how I feel then.

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