Tongue – “Who Fired The Workers Of Happiness Factory?” EP Review

Tongue – Who Fired The Workers Of Happiness Factory?
Genre: Rock/Stoner Rock

Label: Self-released

Tongue are a band from Serbia, fronted by guitarist and vocalist Bizic Vladimir (AKA. Ripkid), formerly lead guitarist of the unfortunately disbanded hardcore punk pushers Lets Grow, who put out a strong amount of LPs and splits from 2001 to 2010. However, Tongue sees Vladimir taking a turn to a slower, groove-orientated rock direction.

“Who Fired The Workers Of Happiness Factory?” is the first release of a planned EP trilogy series called “A Night You’ll Never Remember” and sets a promising start.  This 3-song EP seems to fling the riffs and sing-along moments of stoner rock, the solos of classic rock ghosts and a hint of punk attitude into one pot, serving it with a nice production. The trio includes bassist and backing vocalist Bosko Mijuskovic and drummer Vojin Klickovic.

First track Happiness Factory really gives a really playful introduction, with all these skipping and bend-ful punky riffs before kicking into a more straightforward hard rock sound. The chorus is nothing but catchy either. At one point, there’s a break with manic laughter and howling winds sampled which catches you off-guard, eventually the vocals and guitars jump in together which really has this Fugazi feel about it.

Then we have Spark Of Light, which really reminds me of Reuben with its main riff, and is filled with hooks and chant-along moments with echoed vocals. The clear and thick bass (which really brings the stoner rock atmosphere to the table) and just simply nice sounding drums can’t be flawed, and makes the track just ridiculously enjoyable… yeah!

Lastly, Leaving All Behind starts with a really phased out guitar line as the bass rumbles and the drums build it up, feeling like a preparation for a full on assault. Although that punch doesn’t have the impact you might expect, the verses still sets this end-of-the-world urgency, and the chorus has this really catchy chant ‘I am born to lose but I live to win’ – really Torch-like in its infectious, stoner fist-pumping result.

And so, “Who Fired The Workers Of Happiness Factory?” is a fun listen and a really promising debut release from this still fairly new project. Sometimes it’s questionable if lyrical themes and the instrumentals really suit each other, but considering Vladimir’s hearty vocals, it’s not really a problem. Plus, considering that the EP doesn’t feel like the 15-minutes it is, the famous saying stays true: time flies when you’re having fun!

You can download the EP for free here:

Favourite tracks: All three songs are equally great.

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