I want to do a wider variety of stuff on here

and I want you to help me!

I’ve been thinking of doing other features on here for a while, and three ideas that stick out for me are these:

– “Blast From The Past”  – a review of an album that’s considered a classic.
– “Top #”  – a list of my favourite whatevers (concept albums, EPs, themes, etc).
– “Introducing…”  – Introducing and talking about a band or artist I’ve recently discovered and like.

But I also have these ideas:

– “Most Wanted”  – if a number of people want me to review a certain album/single/EP.
– An occasional video (the fact that I have a strong Welsh accent probably makes this impractical).

So let me know which one/s you’d prefer to see on here! I’m open to more suggestions too, so let me know if you have any other ideas on what I could do.

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3 thoughts on “I want to do a wider variety of stuff on here

  1. Imagica says:

    Well I have an idea that I’m using and I suggest everyone use: underrated albums by popular bands. Seriously, there’s so much good music from well known bands that nobodies heard/remembered. One of my biggest examples is “Rush: Counterparts”.

    • richreviewz says:

      That’s a great idea! I’ll have to think how to go about that – if it’s ok I use your idea? I’ve never really listened to Rush, won’t lie, but I’ll be sure to give that album a chance soon.

      • Imagica says:

        Yeah go for it, I’m doing it in list form but if you do a series or something that’d extend it. And honestly Counterparts is really the only Rush album I like. Some of the obscure albums I reviewed were underrated as well.

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