I’m not sure whether or not to do short book reviews…

I do like reading, and sometimes I feel so breathless and lost after finishing a great book that I’m not sure what I should do afterwards, or how to think or feel. I’m feeling exactly this way right now at 3.33am on a Friday morning after just finishing Stephen King’s Carrie.

My knowledge in literature isn’t as extensive as it is with music though, admittedly. I’ve probably half-read or skimmed a lot more books than I’ve paid a 100% attention to – although books I will probably read from now on are the types I enjoy, not the ones I have to study or analyse while keeping post-modern or feminist issues in mind.

I’ll have to think about it, but I feel like I could easily do a short review or summary of what I think when I finish a book. I’m not sure if people would be interested in that? Let me know somehow.

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