White Suns – “SINEWS” Quick Review

White Suns – Sinews
Genre: Noise rock

Label: Load Records

White Suns are a three-piece noise rock demon from Brooklyn, and “Sinews” is their second album, although it is the first release while on noise-pushing label Load Records.

As an album of six songs and just falling short of the 35-minute mark, “Sinews” is noticeably short. However there is no real wavering moment. There is always a build up, always tension and always the sense of a looming moment where your ears might be pushed to the limits. This album is, in one word, intense.

Second track, Footprints Filled, from the very beginning sadistically abuses your ears, leaving you unsure whether you’re really meant to enjoy it. The guitars and drums play along with each other, intertwining and intensifying as the track progresses. The drums are especially brutal, they just hammer away with no remorse and no sign of slowing for the majority of the song.

Cenote is a track just full of unbearable despair, the instrumentals all fighting each other in a climb but constantly falling back down, eventually reaching a climax. The guitar rips, the vocals shred, the keyboards stomp and the drums punch until the song closes with each instrument almost collapsing from fatigue. The final track Oath also seems to  have the same build-up-and-fall approach.

Flesh Vault just features this thick feedback while strings sound like they’re being played at random with no real care, as a sombre poetic monologue is told, as if a cry for help in an empty wasteland: “I crawl through a century/kicking free of narcotic tendrils/the ways unmarked/but the map is in me”.

By the end, you just feel as if you’ve been exorcised, like ‘demons’ have been smashed or torn from your soul. The overall relentlessness of the band to challenge their listener is both impressive and scary. On the other hand, this sort of means that there is no real variety in their sound, just different approaches and settings. Probably not an album you’d suggest to a prog rock fan.

If you like bands along the lines of Drunkdriver, Sore Throat and maybe Homostupids, then you will probably enjoy some aspects of this. “Sinews” is definitely for those whole like music extra loud, noisy and primitive.

Favourite tracks: Footprints Filled, Cenote.

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